Comprehensive Eye Exam

New patients are always welcome at Prestige Vision Center!

Once you’re booked in to see our doctors, you will be guided by our opticians. They will take your information and then proceed with pretesting. Don’t worry it won’t hurt. It’s just a small puff of air. ¬†Once your pretest is done, you will then meet one of our fantastic doctors.

We offer a full comprehensive eye exams. This is not your typical “Is this clear or this clearer?” kind of exam. Our doctors take pride in providing a full diagnosis of your eyes to insure you leave knowing more about your condition. Comprehensive exams are a good way to see where you stand and what to expect in the future.

We look forward to “seeing” soon!

  • We have the newest TOPCON ophthalmic instuments.
  • Visual fields test for glaucoma, etc.
  • Color Vision Test.
  • AMD Exams, etc.
  • Referrals & Co-management with Specialists