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How to leave a Prestige Vision Center

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  1. Log in

Go to accounts.google.com to log in.

Not sure if you have an account? If you have a YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, Google Drive, or Google Play (and many other accounts), that account will work for all Google products.


  1. Find us on Google

Go to www.google.ca and search for “Prestige Vision Center


  1. Click the “Write a Review” button

If on a computer, the option to write a review will be on the right side of the screen under a map of our location.

If on a phone, there is an arrow under the review. Click that arrow and it will show the option to rate and review.


  1. Tell us about your visit today!

What brought you in? Who helped you out? What did you love? What could we improve on? Your reviews help us improve!


As a thank you, please accept a gift certificate valid for use on your next purchase of prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses. We appreciate your business.

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