We would advise everyone to know more about what a true Comprehensive/Full  Eye Exam really is.

Contact us and we will be happy to show you what it really means to have a Full Exam.

Comprehensive eye examinations

  • We have the newest TOPCON ophthalmic instuments.
  • Visual fields test for glaucoma, etc.
  • Color vision test.
  • AMD exams, etc.
  • Referrals & Co-management with Specialists


Prestige Vision Center EyeglassesPrescription Eyeglasses

  • 1 hour service on selected lenses.
  • Safety frames and lenses.
  • Sports eye wear.
  • Prescription sunglasses


Designer Frames & Sunglasses

  • Harley Davidson, Yves Cogan, Ann, Klein, DKNY and lots more!

Contact lenses

  • RGP’s, soft lenses and solutions.
Need a ride?
  • Please contact us for our limited ride program.

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